KALEB + CHRISTIN | Southern Illinois Engagement Photographer

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KALEB + CHRISTIN  |  Southern Illinois Engagement Photographer


They met in high school & wrote love letters for years....this time next year they will be saying I DO!  Caleb & Christin are one of those couples that just seem perfect!  They are a gorgeous couple & they make each other genuinely happy.  

Spending time with them and watching how they look at each other is a treat.  Honestly, we were all giggling like school girls looking through all of the letters he had written her along with handmade cards....It was beautiful.  We tried giving him a hard time & his reply was  "Hey! I got the girl!!!"  That he did....

Kaleb & Christin will say I do in Poplar Bluff MO which is where Kaleb is from.  I am so excited to travel there & shoot at new locations!

When we arrived to this location (one of my favorites where I also had my wedding photos taken)  The lighting was gorgeous & Christin looked like an angel!  I asked her if snakes or critters would bother her & her reply was "No way!  I go bass fishin everyday! Im not bothered by anything!"  So she's pretty & she is a country girl!

The couple chose this wedding ring quilt made by her grandmother.  I love sentimental touches during shoots!  

Did I mention that Christin's mother & my aunt were best friends??  Then we found out her mother is also family to my husband?!?  Small small world!  We are so much alike it is scary!  Even down to our need for organization & we have the same planners!

They each still have the stacks of letters they would write each other while in a long distance relationship.  I can't wait to photograph them while reading their letters to each other on their wedding day!


Here we are, on earth, together
It's you and I, God has made us
Fall in love, it's true
I've really found someone like you

Will it say the love you feel for me?
Will it say that you will be by my side
To see me through
Until my life is through

Well, in my mind
We can conquer the world
In love, you and I
You and I, you and I

--Michael Buble

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Stacy Doyle(non-registered)
I love all of them! I especially love the ones of the letters that you have kept through the years. They are all amazing. I'm an excited mother of the groom.
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